Please contact these ASD SMART Board trainers if you need any assistance or have any questions about the program:

Kerri Geppert • Central Middle School •
Sarah Petersen • ASD EdTech •
Devon Roberts • Service High School •

Here you will find some of the SMART Board and SMART Notebook digital resources created by the TIE2 Interactive Whiteboard Group. Some of these items include our Basic Training Module, our Intermediate/Advanced Training Module, and a video tutorial on Customizing a Line Style and Saving the Settings.

Great SMART Board Resources

Basic SMART Board Training Notebook:

SMARTBoard Design Considerations:

SMARTBoard Adding Interactivity to Your Lessons:

Video Tutorial on Customizing Line Style and Save Settings:

ASD Lesson Plan Cover Page

Houghton Mifflin grade 1 templates

Working with Words Templates

Houghton Mifflin Theme 8, Week 1

Houghton Mifflin Theme 8, Week 2

Houghton Mifflin Theme 8, Week 3