Please contact these ASD Moodle trainers if you need any assistance or have any questions about the program:

Debi Bye • South High School •
Mark VanArsdale • Eagle River High School •
Belinda Sessions • ASD EdTech •
Denise Trujillo • ASD EdTech •

The ASD Moodle can be found at

ASD teachers interested in using the moodle as a part of a face-to-face class should contact Denise Trujillo to get class(es) set up.
Currently, the following are needed to get students uploaded into a course: Course name, course number, section number, and school name.

ASD teachers with specific moodle needs or questions should contact any of the TIE Moodle/Online Teaching group members:
Belinda Sessions
Debi Bye
Mark VanArsdale
Denise Trujillo

The following links are from the site:
Teaching Do's
Teaching Don'ts